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Personal Project results

Posted: October 7, 2022

Autumn is a season for harvest, and we are excited to share with the DC community that our current Year 12 students just got their official Personal Project results back from the IBO. Despite the many challenges encountered during the pandemic, the Year 12s and their project supervisors devoted their entire last school year to develop the personal projects pioneering the application of the new project guide. Their efforts have paid off with their encouraging results. Together, we achieved a 100% passing rate and among 82 candidates, we have 20 students who achieved the top mark of 7! This time, our school’s average grade for the personal project is 5.84, more than 1 mark higher than the world average which is 4.23. 

We invite the DC community to celebrate with us, congratulating our personal project students and supervisors on their great achievements over the 2021-2022 academic year. We extend our highest appreciation to all our DC community members, and those who have helped with our students’ personal project progress. Together, we aim to achieve more in this new school year!