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Reminder for Families Traveling Overseas for the Vacation

Posted: October 14, 2022

With the expectation that many families in our community will be travelling outside of Hong Kong during this vacation, we would like to wish everyone safe travels while also giving a reminder that upon return from travel outside of Hong Kong, each student’s COVID-19 Health Declaration Form will need to be updated.

While the current health requirements set by Hong Kong SAR Government do not require quarantine after travelling overseas, they still require 3 days of medical surveillance upon return to Hong Kong, and the health status for those individuals is coded as Amber. For students who are designated as Amber Health Code and considered to be under medical surveillance, the guidance for schools includes the following stipulations:

  • Students who are undergoing medical surveillance and who continue to test negative for Covid-19 may return to school during this period;
  • They may not take part in ‘mask-off’ activities
  • They are required to eat lunch in a separate location

‘Mask-off’ activities at DC are very limited anyway, and generally apply to the following:

  1. Within the taught curriculum: PE (e.g. football), Music (e.g. playing woodwind instruments).
  2. Co-curricular Sport

For ‘1’ above, this will be monitored by staff in the relevant areas and if your child is undergoing medical surveillance, they may be asked to complete an alternative activity. 

For ‘2’, above, please consider your child’s medical surveillance before allowing them to attend an activity involving ‘mask off’. They are welcome to participate fully once they have completed the medical surveillance period.

For lunch arrangements, students undergoing medical surveillance will be provided with a separate eating venue and must attend here rather than going to any of the other existing designated eating venues.

In order to assist DC in planning the logistics connected with this, if you haven’t already done so it is very important that you complete the Covid-19 Health Declaration for your child/ren immediately after returning to Hong Kong from overseas as per the instructions below. 


  1. Open the ESF App
  2. Enter the Ding! VLE section
  3. Scroll to the COVID-19 Health Declaration Section (shown above)
  4. Enter the link for updating the form where it says “click here” (shown above)
  5. Once the form is opened, go to “Part A – Travel history of your child”
  6. Choose the fourth option that says, “[name] has travelled outside of Hong Kong and has completed compulsory quarantine mandated by the Hong Kong SAR Government but is now subject to medical surveillance period with an Amber Health Code issued to [name].”
  7. Enter the start date and end date of the medical surveillance period.

We thank you for your help with this.