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COVID Updates for CCA – Access for All Students

Posted: November 4, 2022

On 25 October, the EDB sent a letter to all principals that explained new regulations and requirements for COVID Health and Safety in schools. Some of these updates regarding changes to lunch requirements were announced in last week’s Explorer updates. The new requirements also covered a change to who can access extracurricular activities. 

With this announcement, we are able to offer our CCA provision to all students regardless of their vaccination status. Those who meet the vaccination requirements are allowed to participate in “mask-off” activities such as contact sports, swimming, or wind instruments in music, whereas those who do not meet the current vaccination requirements must wear a mask at all times and cannot participate in “mask-off” activities.

The CCA team will be in touch with you, if there are any restrictions for an activity that you have enrolled in. 

To see what activities are still available for Term1 CCAs please use this link:

Term 2 enrolment will open on 21st November, and we look forward to advertising these opportunities in this Explorer Newsletter.

For any further information please contact: