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Introduction to the Co-Curricular Programme 2023-24

Posted: August 25, 2023

Co-Curricular Activities are a vital part of the life of Discovery College. They enhance and build on children’s experiences and learning within the school. The activities contribute to their intellectual, social, cultural and emotional growth. They will cater to a wide variety of needs and cultures within the school community and will be used to forge links with the wider community. Our expectation is that all students become involved in some form of regular activity outside of school hours for their general health and wellbeing.

A series of articles in this edition of the Explorer introduce the programme for this year.

Click here for information about the Co-Curricular Activities Fee. With all students paying this fee regardless of the number of CCAs and Sports they commit to, we are able to provide more CCAs and Sports than we ever have previously. This fee has also allowed us to invest in better resources and experts to further enhance the experiences students gain from their activities. We encourage you to contribute to the further development of our high-quality and sustainable programme by continuing to pay this fee so all our students across the whole school can “Discover where their true passion lies”.

Click here for information about Cobra Sports.

Click here for information about Music Ensembles.

Click here for information about General CCAs.

Please note that for this year enrolment for all co-curricular activities, including:

  • Cobra Sports
  • Other Sports Activities (including Primary FUNdamentals programmes)
  • Music Ensembles
  • Drama Activities
  • General CCAs
  • Student-led CCAs

will occur as follows:

  • For primary students, parents complete the enrolment directly via the ESF App. 
  • For secondary students, students choose the activities in which they wish to enrol via the Ding! Platform. Parents then confirm their enrolment via the ESF App. 

For enrolment instructions, please click here.

An overview of the full Co-Curricular Programme for Term 1 is viewable here. Enrolment dates may vary according to the type of activity, so please visit the above articles to find out more about each aspect of the co-curricular programme. Please note that activities will only be visible in the enrolment system after enrolment opens, as per the dates specified in each article.

A specific note for Year 1 Parents: at present no Year 1 activities are listed as our youngest students are settling into their new school and their focus is on this process. However, you will see some exciting Year 1-related activities launched in the coming months, including for Sports and General CCAs. Parents will receive further information about this in due course.