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New: Weekly Secondary Assessment Updates for 2023-24 

Posted: September 8, 2023

Dear Secondary Parents

As we begin the new academic year, we recognise the importance of a strong school-parent partnership, which is crucial in providing an environment that nurtures every child’s growth and achievement. With this in mind, we are adopting a new approach that aims to ensure consistency, clarity and greater balance for students throughout the year.

Our Approach
Starting from 22 September 2023, we will publish a weekly update for secondary assessment in the Explorer, which will be in the form of a PDF document containing planned assessment dates for each year level (Year 7-13). Please note that whilst we make every effort to provide accurate and timely information, assessment dates may occasionally change due to many valid reasons. In such cases, any changes to the assessment calendar will be reflected in the updated weekly version, which will be visible two weeks before the assessment completion date. This will ensure that you have sufficient time to support your child accordingly.

Our Aims:

  • Promote student preparedness and motivation by utilising the assessment calendar as a tool for planning and progress tracking.
  • Students utilise the assessment calendar to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and ensure timely completion of tasks.
  • Students prioritise tasks effectively by having a clear overview of all assessments and their due dates.
  • Students practise, refine and transfer study approaches for assessments by identifying similar tasks in the calendar. For instance, if a student is preparing for a science test, they may be able to identify other topics in their assessment calendar that also require scientific knowledge and apply the same studying approach to those topics as well.
  • Help parents to assist their children in planning a study schedule and setting goals using the assessment calendar.
  • To enable parents to monitor and track their children’s progress in preparation for tests and assessments.

As always, we encourage open lines of communication, so if you have any questions regarding the assessment updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. There will be a further Diploma Programme update in the Explorer next week, to share key dates and assessment procedures.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Together, let’s make this academic year a rewarding and successful one for every student.

Jonny Tate
Director of Curriculum

Alison Yang
MYP Coordinator

Will Hurtado
DP Coordinator