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MYP Curriculum Guide for 2023-2024

Posted: October 20, 2023


Dear Parents and School Community

The MYP Curriculum Guide for 2023-2024 is now available for parents’ and students’ reference. The MYP Curriculum Guide serves as a valuable resource that provides an overview of learning units, assessment criteria, and the overall structure of the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

We encourage parents and students to make good use of the MYP Curriculum Guide. In the guide, you will find detailed information about the subject content and the assessments associated with each unit. This allows parents and students to have a clear understanding of what knowledge and skills will be covered in each unit. By referring to the curriculum guide, parents can actively support their children’s academic progress. They can engage in conversations about the topics, offer additional resources, and assist in designing effective study plans.

To access specific subject content for each unit, we encourage parents and students to utilise the ESF Ding app. Under “The Curriculum Analysis Tool (CAT) module,” you will find comprehensive subject content and additional unit information to support student learning. Here is an example of a Year 7 Maths unit.¬†

We hope that the MYP Curriculum Guide will provide students and parents with a better understanding of the MYP framework and the expected learning outcomes. We also hope that it will provide a useful tool for teachers and students to track progress and make appropriate adjustments to the curriculum.

Alison Yang
MYP Curriculum Coordinator