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DC students perform in Elf Jr.

Posted: November 10, 2023

The Performer’s Studio, a semi-professional theatre made of young people including several DC students, will be performing in two shows open to the community on December 2nd at the Y Square Studio in Chai Wan. Tickets are available on

The cast have been working very hard for months and shown true commitment to the process; putting in many hours of preparation both in rehearsals and at home. The experience has afforded them the opportunity to work with theatre professionals and train in various disciplines of the performing arts. 

Students will spend a full day in the theatre working on the technical elements of creating a show and putting everything onto the stage. They will then spend an additional two days performing in shows in which different schools from all over Hong Kong will bring their students to watch and participate in a Q & A session with the cast, before opening the show to the rest of the community on December 2nd. A truly challenging and rewarding week!

The DC students performing with this team include Isabella Odendaal (Y10), Lucia Torresi (Y10), Verabella Tsang (Y9), Sofia Torresi (Y7), Amelia Lloyd (Y7), Chloe Lloyd (Y7), Jia Toong (Y6), Benjamin Braginskiy (Y6), Charles Liu (Y5), Grace Wan (Y5), Isabel Krywawych (Y4), Lewis Wang (Y4), Lucile Tran (Y4), and Laura Trusso Sfazzetto (Y4). Congratulations to the Performer’s Studio cast on all of their hard work!