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Co-curricular Activities Update

Posted: December 8, 2023

Our Term 1 CCAs come to an end today Friday, December 8. There will be no more sessions during the last week of the term unless the activity leader communicates a make-up session.

The enrolment for Term 2 activities has already been closed, please wait for a confirmation message to find out if you have been accepted. Due to the high demand for CCAs, we ask for your patience while waiting for a response. Enrolment will remain open for activities that have availability throughout the entire Term 2 period.

Enrolment will open for Student-led CCAs on Tuesday, 12 December 10.00 am.  

Click HERE to view the Term 2 CCA Schedule. The activities listed will commence in the week beginning 15 January 2024, with the exception of Student-led CCAs, which commence in the week beginning 22 January 2024.

To enrol in any of the above activities:

  • For primary students, parents complete the enrolment directly via the ESF App. 
  • For secondary students, students choose the activities in which they wish to enrol via the Ding Platform. Parents then approve their enrolment via the ESF App. 

For enrolment instructions, please click HERE.

Only students for whom the Co-Curricular Fee has been paid will be eligible to join the above activities. For more information please click here.

For general information about Co-Curricular Activities at Discovery College, including rules for participation, click here.

Should you have any questions regarding the CCA programme, please contact