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Year 11 students getting to know the Career-related course provided by Build Something Different

Posted: December 1, 2023

On Wednesday, 29 November, two Year 11 DC students interested in the Career-related studies on “Digital Skills”, attended the session provided by our partner, Build Something Different. The BSD instructor Cezar Cazan provided information on the nature and structure of the course for two years and then delivered a taster lesson. Three BSD students joined the session and formed three groups with ESF students to work on designing a seating arrangement, charging stations, cup holders and other elements for imaginary BSD Airlines. Students greatly enjoyed the session and demonstrated well-developed critical and creative thinking, team work, and presentation skills.

BSD offers a high-quality two-year professional course “Connect2Work” that consists of 240 hours of taught curriculum and 150 hours of applied components. Students acquire knowledge and skills in such spheres as digital design, e-commerce and supply chain, data analysis, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. The teaching and learning process is project-based and allows students to prepare for higher education in the field of their interest, build their confidence for the future workplace, and address real-life problems by designing solutions.