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Student Withdrawal – Deadline for informing the College: Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Posted: March 15, 2024

Parents are reminded that Wednesday 1 May 2024 is the deadline for informing the College of the withdrawal of a student who will not be returning in August 2024.

Parents who wish to withdraw their child from Discovery College are required to submit a Student Withdrawal Form via the ESF App*. The online Student Withdrawal form is the ONLY official way for parents to inform Discovery College of their children leaving the school.

All current DC students paid a two-month deposit upon entry to the College. The first half of this deposit was offset against the first month’s fees while the remaining half is credited against the fees for the last month of enrolment, subject to a two-month advance notice of withdrawal. In order to ensure the utilisation of the remaining half of the deposit as payment for the last month of enrolment, e.g. June 2024 (the end of this academic year) if the student is not returning in August 2024, notification is required no later than Wednesday 1 May 2024. Please note that any subsequent change of the last date of attendance or cancellation of the withdrawal may be declined.

As soon as the online Student Withdrawal form is received, Discovery College will offer an admission assessment/interview for the year group in question to applicants on the relevant waiting list who, if successful at assessment/interview, will be offered the current student’s place to start after the last date of attendance as per the Student Withdrawal Notice.

Enquiries regarding student withdrawal can be addressed to our Admissions Department at

Current Year 13 students graduating at the end of the current 2023-24 academic year do not have to submit the Student Withdrawal form.

* ​​To access the form, please tap on the Ding! icon and scroll down to forms.