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Year 12 DC Theatre students present: Crunch Time

Posted: March 8, 2024

Date: Wednesday 20 March @ 6.30 pm
Place: Theatre Studio 2 (Black box)
Free seating

“The play centres on the afterlives of four characters who, finding themselves in a mysterious ‘Void’, are informed by the equally enigmatic Guide that they must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity. The remainder of the play follows their memories and searches for self-knowledge.”

Crunch Time, featuring Csombor Balogh, and under the direction of Ms Veilleux, brings you a thought-provoking full-length play that examines the meaning of life through those moments that make life worth living.
(Please note: While there is no age restriction on this performance, please note that it contains flashing lights and themes of suicide that younger viewers may find distressing)