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E-submission of Student Grant Applications 2024/25

Posted: June 28, 2024

Starting from the 2024/25 school year, EDB will extend the e-submission of student grant applications to all schools including ESF schools and kindergartens. Parents/guardians of students studying at Discovery College can submit online applications for the student grant via the student grant e-submission platform (e-platform). Applicants can also check the application progress, update or amend the information submitted, and upload supplementary documents on the e-platform as required by EDB.

To submit online applications for the student grant, parents must have a user account of “iAM Smart+” with digital signing function. Parents can register for “iAM smart+” in person at the “iAM Smart” self-registration kiosks or registration service counters with around 170 locations, including Post Offices in various districts.

To facilitate parents being well-prepared for using the e-platform, EDB will arrange promotion activities and set up booths for on-site “iAM smart+” registration for parents at designated schools in various districts. Details of the registration activities to be held in May and June as well as the booking method are provided in the attached poster for reference.


Poster – iAM smart+ Registration Events in Schools (May & Jun)