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MYP Year 7-10 Entrepreneur Expo: A Day of Creativity and Charity

Posted: June 28, 2024

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and supported the MYP Year 7-10 Entrepreneur Expo Day. It was incredibly encouraging to witness our student entrepreneurs display their creativity and business acumen. The event was packed with innovative ideas, from 3D-printed objects and customized jewellery to homemade fortune cookies, gratitude letter services, tie-dye DIY crafts, caricature services, and even a “book blind date” feature offering second-hand books.

It was evident that the students had put a lot of work and energy into their booths. The atmosphere was energized as everyone enjoyed browsing and interacting with the booths!

Analyzing the student response surveys, it is evident that the event fostered a sense of accomplishment and entrepreneurial spirit among the students. Many shared that they enjoyed the hands-on experience and the opportunity to interact with customers. Overall, students have indicated their improvement in the following areas:

  1. Public speaking and presentation

  2. Financial management and budgeting

  3. Marketing and sales techniques

  4. Product development and innovation

  5. Networking and relationship building

Examples of student feedback include:

  • “I believe that the entrepreneur fair has improved my business knowledge. Through this process, I have developed my public speaking skills and I learned a range of techniques to benefit a business.”

  • “Participating in the fair has allowed me to develop my business skills, and made me more confident in selling a product.”

  • “I think it helped me with my knowledge of making a business and knowing more about how to handle financials.”

  • “It has influenced my development as I have been able to develop my entrepreneurial skills, which I will need in the future if I want to make my own company.”

  • “It helped me learn how to handle customers, work with my group”

*Please note that spelling and grammar have not been corrected in order to reflect authentic student responses.

We are pleased to announce that we raised a total of $35,401.11, after subtracting the material costs. These funds will be equally distributed among the following charities, chosen by the students:

  • Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

  • Feeding Hong Kong

  • Mother’s Choice

  • Hong Kong Dog Rescue

  • The Women’s Foundation

In addition to the Entrepreneur Expo Fair, we also had 9 groups engaged in collaborative project-based learning who showcased their projects to the community during the event. These projects include:

  • DnD: A Creative Journey

  • Cultural Expression through Art

  • Renew Energy for the World

  • Saving Marine Animals

  • Teaching Art to Primary Students

  • Blogging with the Foodies

  • Podcast: A Brief History of Everything

  • Collaborative Digital Art Piece

  • Creating a Comic: An Interdisciplinary-Based Project.

The collaborative projects demonstrate the students’ ability to work together, integrate multiple fields of study, and produce meaningful work.

Thank you once again for your support in making this event a resounding success. Your engagement not only helped our students learn important skills but also contributed significantly to these worthy causes.

Alison Yang | MYP Coordinator