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Year 11 Personal Project

Posted: September 8, 2014

This last Monday in assembly, Year 11 students had a quick update from Ms Nichols regarding the Personal Project and their product criteria. The students should have (or be in the process of completing) their criteria for their product. The criteria are specifications that their product will follow. For example, these could include things such as audience (to whom does their project cater?), form (what exactly will their product look like?), function (what is the purpose of the product?), etc. The students have all received documents from Ms Nichols via email that can help guide them if they’re stuck. We would encourage you to chat with your child about how their criteria, process journal, and project are going. At this point, students should have written many entries in their process journal (including research and reflections) and have a good start on their actual product. If you have any questions regarding anything related to the Personal Project, please feel free to contact Ms Lissie Nichols at