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Are your Gateway details up to date and your PTA fees paid?

Posted: January 30, 2015

There are still 27 DC families who have not paid their annual PTA and/or stationery fees for 2014-15. These are now more than 6 months overdue. Students have already received and been using this stationery since August 2014. A number of these families have incorrect contact address and telephone details in Gateway. It is very important that parents keep their contact details up to date in Gateway. Please check yours if you are uncertain if they are correct. Contact the DC IT department ( if you need any assistance with Gateway or a new Gateway password.

Annual PTA fees are mandatory for all families in ESF schools under the ESF Ordinance. This fee is the PTA’s only guaranteed income and we rely on it to ensure we can fund our annual fixed costs. These costs include the salaries of the DCPTA Shop Administrators and Bus Administrator, and insurance and all other costs associated with running the shop to provide uniform and stationery sales on campus for the convenience of all families at DC. If you have not paid, or are uncertain if you have paid or not, please check immediately with Karen or Andrea by visiting the PTA Shop or contacting them on or tel 3969 1069.