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Parent & emergency contact details

Posted: January 30, 2015

We have had a couple of incidences lately where the College has had to contact parents regarding student illnesses, only to find that both parents are out of HK and that the students are under the care of the family helper. In some cases, the helper is not listed as an emergency contact, and so we have been unable to contact anyone. It is vitally important that you list emergency contacts, including your helper if they have responsibility for your children in your absence. It is also very helpful that you notify the school if both parents are absent. Please log onto Gateway and check your details to ensure that your emergency contact details are correct and/or updated. Please be assured that if we need to contact you urgently we will also try the parents or primary caregivers first. The emergency contacts are there as an important back-up.

Tutorials are available on our website if you are unsure of how to update your emergency contact or family contact details.