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Author Gail Clarke inspires primary students

Posted: February 6, 2015

Discovery College welcomed author Gail Clarke for the first time today. She was a big hit with all students who were engaged and inspired by her animal themed books. Y1 students started their day with a very squeaky Gilbert the Parrot from the story Patrick’s Happy Birthday Message. Y2 students were intrigued with camouflage as they listened to the puzzling problem of the Chameleon Who Couldn’t Change Colour. Y3 & 4 students explored migration with a very curious whale called Cosmos. Y5 & 6 students were treated to a session about writing and publishing stories as well as dipping into a mix if Gail’s stories. Children are never too old for a good quality picture book.

Gail volunteers her storytelling services for free. If you would like to purchase any of her signed books please look out for the order form in your child’s folders today. Alternatively you can download one here. Please return the form to the school library in the next two weeks. Books will be distributed shortly afterwards. Please contact for further queries.