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Posted: April 21, 2015

The last set of Cobra team photos will be taken on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 April before school, following the schedule below.  All photos are in the 4/F Diploma Centre.  Students who have their team uniforms should arrive at school at the designated time in their full cobra uniform, and bring their school uniform to change after the photo.

Teams who have already turned in their uniforms should allow a few extra minutes before their scheduled time to change into a uniform at school.

Tuesday 28 April

7.45 – U16 Boys Rugby (coach: Mr Wilkinson)

7.45 – U14/16 Girls Rugby (coach: Mr Wilkinson)

7.45 – U20 Boys Rugby (coach: Mr Philip)

7.45 – U20 Girls Rugby (coach: Mr Wilkinson)

7.50 – U19 Boys/Girls Touch Rugby (coach: Mr Muir, Mr Wilkinson)

7.50 – U14 Boys/Girls Touch Rugby (coach: Mr Philip, Mr Mckimmon)

8.00 – U12 Boys Rugby (coach: Mr Philip)

8.00 – Netball U10s ESF Tournament (coach: Ms Anderson)

8.05 – Netta Netball Y3/4 & 5/6 (coach: Ms Muldoon, Mrs Wallace, Mrs O’Brien)

8.05 – Netball Under 13s Sunday (coach: Mrs Cameron, Ms Pickett, Mrs O’Brien)

8.10 – Netball Secondary B Sunday (coach: Ms Jolly)

8.10 – Netball Secondary A Sunday (coach: Mrs Adcock)


Wednesday 29 April

7.45 – Badminton U16 Girls (coach: Mrs Chan)

7.45 – Badminton U16 Boys (coach: Mr Mackenzie)

7.45 – Badminton U14 Girls (coach: Mr Lasscock)

7.45 – Badminton U14 Boys (coach: Mr Lasscock)

7.50 – Badminton U12 Girls (coach: Ms Fong)

7.50 – Badminton U12 Boys (coach: Ms Fong)

8.00 – Football U20 Boys (coach: Mr Romano, Mr Brown)

8.00 – Football U20 Girls (coach: Ms Eldering, Mr Brown)

8.00 – Primary Team – Year 5/6 Boys football (coach: Mr Trimingham, Mr Macheski)

8.00 – Primary Team – Year 5/6 Girls football (coach: Mr Edwards)

8.05 – Primary Team – Year 5/6 Boys touch rugby (coach: Mr Wilkinson)

8.05 – Primary Team – Year 5/6 Girls touch rugby (coach: Mr Wilkinson, Mr Chan)

8.15 – Primary Team – Year 5/6 Basketball (coach: Mr Boon)

8.15 – Primary Team – Road Racing Team (coach: Ms Saunders, Mr Trimingham)

8.15 – U12 Boys Football (coach: Mr Trimingham, Mr McDavid)

8.15 – U12 Girls Football (coach: Mr Kirk, Mrs Stewart)