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Countdown T minus 5 days…

Posted: May 15, 2015

A lot of development has been made to the foreshore since December. You may have seen this while walking around Siena Park, or even from our school. The astro turf, pitch lines, trees and concrete have recently been added. The concrete will be there to make better seats, so that people are able to sit and watch some games.


Over this weekend the water fountain, shade cloth and goals posts will be put in as well. These have all been paid for by our wonderful PTA.


A soft (and short) opening will be held on Wednesday 20 May at 8.40am, after which we will be able to finally use this amazing school and community facility. Any parents who would like to be present are very welcome.

Sarah Buring, Giselle von Huene Chan, Dennis Law (DC Student Council)