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PYP Exhibition work is progressing

Posted: May 8, 2015

The Year 6 students have been busy in their exhibition groups creating plans to explore the questions driving their inquiries. Students have been challenged to gather evidence from a range of sources including media (books, websites, videos, newspapers etc), interview, survey and/or observation/experience. MISO is an acronym we have been using to help remind the students that effective researchers gather their data from a range of primary and secondary sources in order to look for patterns in information. The students have been busy sending emails to potential interviewees, as well as constructing survey questions to gather different perspectives around their chosen issue.

Another component of the exhibition work is taking place in the art room. The students have come up with some incredibly creative ways to advocate for their chosen areas of inquiry. We are now at the stage of ensuring that all artworks reflect the extensive research that each student has carried out and that the elements and principles of art and design are being used to create powerful artworks.

A big thank you to the mentors who have been supporting the students throughout this process.