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Sleepover fun in Year 2

Posted: May 22, 2015

On Friday 15 May, the Y2 students enjoyed the event they had been looking forward to all year Рthe sleepover! Students arrived at school last Friday evening and worked with each other to set up their beds in one of the three drama studios. Finger food was brought from home and shared with everyone during a picnic dinner. We had a fun night full of activities which included dancing, origami, bedtime stories, games and even a night-walk through the school. After a good sleep and early wake-up, we headed to the cafeteria for breakfast before packing up. Not even the rain could dampen the excitement! For many students, this was their very first sleepover away from home and they managed themselves perfectly, showing independence and responsibility along with a good sense of fun. This is certainly an event that Year 2 will remember for many years to come.