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UK Junior Mathematics competition results

Posted: May 29, 2015

Congratulations to the large number of students that took part in this challenging competition on 30 April (over 100!). Many students were participating for the first time, and we hope that they continue to opt for these competitions in the future. Certificates have not yet been received by the school, but should be printed and issued before the end of term. The results are very impressive:

Year 7

  • Best in School: Carlo Chow
  • Gold Awards: Carlo Chow, Samira Salwan, Man Yiu Tang, Seojin Park
  • Silver Awards: Ethan Cheng, Ho Ming Yung
  • Bronze Awards: Timothy Kwok, Alsace Wu, Ed Wolmebrant, Arshia Dhawan, Jason Lan, Maria Date, Tiffany Wong, Lucy Trimingham, Stephanie Hung

Year 8

  • Best in School: Ryan Ang and Nikunj Agarwal (equal first)
  • Gold Awards: Ryan Ang, Nikunj Agarwal and Ulrika Dsouza
  • Silver Awards: Skye Fung, Aryan Shetty, Wilson Mueller, William Cheung, Jason Lee, Tia Power, Anjalika Ybema, Horeb Lau, Whywhy Yip
  • Bronze Awards: Tetsuya Kai Olowu, Matthew Stenersen, Casey OBrien, Jennifer Anderson, Summer Chiu, Emily Hemmings, Ishaan Srivistava, Kristy Yip, Ryan Krysinski, Georgy Privalov, Keith Ip, Mihika Jindal, Sarah Buring, Alfred Lo, Ethan Chow