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Interested in the DC Cobra Sports teams?

Posted: August 21, 2015

The Discovery College Cobra Sports programme is the competitive platform for our students to participate in sporting pursuits at various levels (Year 5/6, U12, U13, U14, U16 & U20).

Teams are selected after trials and train regularly based on venue availability and coach/student schedules. Parents are then notified of their child’s selection through a consent form sent out through an eNotice on Gateway in advance of their child participating in any team.

Students can access all information about Cobra Sports you on Ding!  Here, they can find information about trials, training, bus schedules, game dates and times and much more.  Parents can also view this information with their student by logging in to Ding!

A sample of the information available on Ding! includes:

These items, and more, can be found on Ding! either as Bulletin announcements or under the Cobra Sports section.  If you have questions about Cobra Sports, please contact the Sports Coordinator, Mr Lawrence Wilkinson.