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eNotice and ePayment

Posted: October 30, 2015

I would like to remind parents that all Primary notices for camps and field trips will now be sent home via an electronic eNotice. When your child has a new eNotice you will receive an email from the primary office informing you to access your Gateway account and complete the form. This is important to do before the deadline provided in the email.

If your child’s camp or field trip requires a payment, you will also be required to give permission for the cost to be deducted from your ePayment account.  In the DC Parent and Student Handbook there is information on how to do this and suggested amounts to deposit into your ePayment account. I would encourage every parent to complete this, to ensure it is an easy process when your child has a camp or an excursion. Please note: We will no longer be accepting cheques or cash, and payments deposited often take up to two working days to clear into your ePayment account.

Recently, we have had to continually chase up a number of parents who have failed to give permission by the due date. Field trips and camps are an important part of the teaching and learning at Discovery College and we would appreciate the support of parents to complete the process by the due date to ensure your child can attend these events.

Chris Barr
Head of Primary