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Three-Way Conferences Years 7-13

Posted: October 16, 2015

Secondary Three-way conferences will take place on Thursday 5 November (4-8pm) and Friday 6 November (8.30 am – 3.30 pm). These are 5-minute interviews with teachers, where you and your child are present and participating. These are not compulsory and you may choose to see only some teachers, however, we encourage parents to attend.

To ease noise and congestion the staff will be split into 2 spaces, alphabetically by surname. A-H will be on the 3/F and I-Z will be on the 4/F. One exception is that the LDT teachers will be together on the 4/F.

We recommend leaving a five minute break between appointments so that you can move easily between staff and floors. Please also pay special attention to the availability of staff. For a variety of reasons they are not all available at the same times.

The conference bookings will be made on Gateway using the Parent Consultation module. Full instructions for accessing and making bookings can be found at

The booking system will open on Monday 26 October at 9am and close on Tuesday 3 November at 12am (midnight).

If you can’t remember your Gateway PARENT password, please follow reset instructions at

For help or any technical issues, please contact George Tibbetts, ICT Manager, at or phone 3969 1000.