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Secondary CPD Afternoon

Posted: October 28, 2015

This Friday 30 October sees the next of our Secondary CPD afternoons. School for secondary students finishes at 12.00pm. These afternoons are used for professional learning for staff and the development of school programmes.

We expect students will use their time well to complete work or revise, as required. Students who wish or need to remain at the College for the afternoon will be supervised in a quiet study space until 3.15pm. The schedule for morning classes on Friday 30 October [Day 10] will be:

8.25-8.35 Learning Team
8.35-9.30 Block 1
9.30-10.25 Block 2
10.25-10.45 Recess
10.45-11.20 Block 3
11.20-12.00 Block 4
12.00 Dismissal


Please note that there is a special programme for Year 12 students offered by the Higher Education Office at noon:

Professor Jemma L Wadham from the University of Bristol will be giving a sample lecture in Geographical Science on Friday 30 October at midday. This is an excellent opportunity for students to attend a university style lecture and to learn a little more about a top tier UK university. We are requesting that all Year 12 students take advantage of this opportunity and attend the lecture on Friday. Students will go straight to the theatre at midday and will be dismissed at 1.00 pm.