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Year 11 Chinese benchmark tests

Posted: October 9, 2015

Dear parents,

It is our pleasure to inform you that ESF Year 11 Chinese Benchmark will take place in October in all ESF secondary schools. It is a service provided by ESF Centre to measure the attainment level of Year 11 students against the entrance level of IB Diploma courses. It is therefore also a reference for students and teachers to make a better informed decision on the IB Diploma courses to study.

The test instrument, containing a 1-hour writing paper and a 1-hour reading paper, is jointly written by ESF Centre and Chinese teachers from our schools. In each paper there are three categories of questions to suit the learning for both Chinese Acquistion and Chinese Language & Literature courses. The papers are marked centrally and recommendation of IB DP course is made for every student, sometimes with pedagogical notes.

The Benchmark is not an assessment of students’ progress or a quality control measure, but a snapshot of attainment at a key exit point, therefore no preparation is needed or indeed recommended. As both tests are administered in a semi-public examination manner, numerical marks are not made available to students or parents, but recommendation for IBDP courses are available from Chinese Department or teachers. These tests incur no extra costs to parents.

In the past years the Benchmark has proved to be a very useful tool to assist IB DP option and we trust it will continue to do so. This practice has been established as a part of our effort to strengthen Chinese learning and to create a smooth transition between Year 11 and the final two years of study.

Year 11 Chinese learners this year will take the tests during Language B lesson time in last week of October, which will be right after mid-term break. Students will not need any special preparation or study for the tests. It is highly suggested to bring HB or 2B pencils for reading comprehension test. The tests will take place on:

– 9.30-10.30 October 26, 2015

– 10.40-11.40 October 29, 2015


With best regards,

Joanne Li

Head of Language Acquisition Department