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House Captain Elections for 2016-17

Posted: September 15, 2016

On Thursday 8 September over 50 very brave and confident young people presented speeches to their Houses in the hope of becoming one of the three primary and three secondary House Captains to lead their House for the 2016-17 school year.

The results at the close of voting on Monday 12 September at 3.30pm elected the following students as our 2016-17 House Captains:

Red House Secondary 

Lilian Adom 12R

Nicola Adcock 12D

Jocelyn Tang 12R

Red House Primary

Georgiana Smith 6.2

Clare Lo 6.1

Amelia Leong 6.4

Purple House Secondary

Chloe Sercombe 12C

Miyu Kurosawa 12V

Amelia Haines 12C

Purple House Primary 

Matthew Hauptfleisch 6.2

Angela Wu 6.3

Caitlin Wong 6.1

Green House Secondary
(two nominations only)

Felicia Xiao 12D

Katie Chen 12R

Green House Primary 

Tara O’Brien 6.2

Farhaan Adtani 6.1

Eloise Raper 6.1

Blue House Secondary 

Silva Zander 12D

Sam Juett 12R

Sen Thotawatte 12D

Blue House Primary

Audrey Tsang 6.1

Akshat Jindal 6.1

Harsha Hotwani 6.3

Yellow House Secondary 

Ron Tso 12C

Julia Moriau 12D

Shirley Tang 12S

Yellow House Primary

Toby Strandlund 6.1

Lisa Trimingham 6.1

Aleesha Naqvi 6.3