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Box of Hope…Celebration Time!

Posted: November 17, 2017

We reached a new record!¬† It is¬†exciting to share that this year, we reached a new record of 555. Together as a community, we have made 555 children’s Christmas that little bit better.

Thank you to every family who supported this initiative. It was a wonderful experience to see the beautifully decorated boxes, to read the thoughtful messages the children had written and to see inside some of the boxes and the fantastic range of items collected.

This initiative reminded me of how generosity and kindness affects so many people when we start to look at what we can do for other people. The children across Primary were so excited to make their box for a child they had not met, and super excited to discover that we had beaten last year’s record. We truly do have a very caring and kind community at Discovery College.

Many thanks everyone for your support with this initiative.