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Junior Swim Team Report

Posted: November 10, 2017

On 31 October, the DC Junior swim team set off to Kellett for their second swim meet. After a wonderful result from the previous home meet, the swimmers were excited and energetic. Having been to Kellett numerous times in the past for swim meets, the friendly, buzzing atmosphere was welcoming. With a brief warm-up, the DC swimmers adjusted to the pool conditions and the diving blocks. There were many events, with all styles having both 50m and 100m races. My personal highlight was breaking my own record in 50m freestyle with 27.77 seconds. It took me quite a while to break 28 seconds and I feel satisfied with my effort. A team highlight was definitely the relays. DC swimmers supported and cheered for their fellow relay swimmers and it was a worthwhile experience. Everybody achieved new personal records and showed great commitment to the team, especially given that it was Halloween that evening.

– Doh Young Jeong