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DC Pride Week

Posted: November 10, 2017

From 6-10 November, DC’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club hosted the college’s second Pride Week. What is Pride Week? Well, DC is an international school that prides itself on the diversity within our community. Pride Week specifically celebrates the diversity of gender and sexual identities within our school, and within the LGBT community. The purpose of Pride Week is to normalise the idea of different identities to get students accustomed to the diversity of everyday life. On top of this, we wanted to educate students on LGBT topics that they wouldn’t usually get from our normal school curriculum. We did this by having learning teams do morning quizzes on LGBT topics such as history, terminology, famous LGBT figures (such as poets, musicians, and authors), and much more.

Event’s included:

  • The Pride Banner: A large white cardboard banner with the words “PRIDE” in the middle where students can write supportive statements celebrating their identity or identity of others.
  • Pins: Where students and staff members bought pride pins to wear throughout the week in support of LGBT community within the school.
  • Face Painting: Where students and staff members could have their face painted to show pride and support to the LGBT community within the school.
  • Polaroids: Where students and staff members can have a polaroid taken in front of the Pride Banner in full Pride outfits (pins and face paint) to commemorate the week and celebrate our differences.
  • Morning Quizzes: Daily quizzes throughout the week where learning teams can answer collaboratively to win a prize at the end of the week.

In addition, an LGBT movie, ‘Handsome Devil’ will be screened at the end of the week on Friday 10 November at 5pm. Everyone welcome to join.

–  DC GSA Club