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GIN852 conference a success

Posted: December 8, 2017

Over 50 students representing eight schools participated in the GIN852 conference recently. Part listening, part contributing, the conference saw participating students be involved in a variety of activities to develop their understanding of local issues, and contribute to plans for taking action on these issues.

The conference welcomed six different guest speakers, each of whom delivered an insightful message giving students helpful tips and ideas on how to make a difference. Ranging from a variety of backgrounds their advice still shared a common message – that every action, no matter how small helps. Start small, start local, and do it with enthusiasm.

Saturday morning saw participants venture out into different locations in Hong kong working with five different community partners – Sunshine Action, Society for Community Organization(SoCO), Green Glass Green, the Home of Love, and Soap Cycling. Each experience provided a different lens to life in Hong Kong, and the significant problems faced by different members of our community. These issues were then investigated further in workshops, each of which allowed students to collaborate on ideas for action.

Congratulations to the following DC students for their efforts in the organising event: Trillian Cheung, Judith Wong, Anoushka Shahi, Christina Chan, and Khusi Rana of Y11, and Letícia Macedo Magalhaes Ayres and Lucy Fillip of Y12. Click here for more details on the conference.