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Scarlet Fever

Posted: December 8, 2017

Although there have been no confirmed Scarlet Fever cases at DC recently, all schools in HK have been notified by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), that local activity has increased in the past few weeks. Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection caused by Group A Streptococcus and mostly affects children under the age of 10.

Symptoms include:

  • sore throat
  • high fever
  • red ‘sandpaper like’ rash

Please keep your child at home if they develop any symptoms. Consult your doctor if you suspect Scarlet Fever and inform the school of any confirmed cases. For more information you can refer to the Centre of Health Protection’s website hereThank you for your assistance, your diligence will help to keep our students safe and healthy.

Saffron Brown – School Health Professional