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Posted: March 29, 2018

U12 Netball – Report prepared by Sienna Park
On Sunday 18 March, the U12 Discovery College Cobras Netball team had a great game against The HK Cricket Club (HKCC). The DC team worked hard and played well as a team. Our shooters were accurate, our defenders made some great intercepts, and our wingers made sure the ball got straight up to our shooters so they could score! The DC Cobras won the match with an amazing score of 16-8. At the end we all lined up to shake the HKCC’s hands and showed some awesome sportsmanship!

U16 Girls Badminton
3:1 vs DSC (21-12, 19-21, 21-3, 21-18)
3:0 vs ICS (21-8,21-16, 21-13)
This was yet another great week for the U16 girls. Each team member had challenging games, with almost all of the games going in favour of the DC Cobras. Having won 4-1 against DSC and 3-0 against ICS in the previous round robin, the girls were confident even with the absence of one of our key players. The final scores this week on Wednesday 28 March were similar: 3-1 DSC and 3-0 ICS. The girls demonstrated great team spirit, cheering each other on throughout each game. The next U16 Girls Badminton match will resume the first week back after the Easter break.

Senior Swim Team – Report prepared by Doh Young Jeong

15 Athletes
– 57 Personal Swims and 48 Personal Best Times
– 8 Relays with Personal Bests in all Races (200 Medley and 200 Freestyle, 13-14 and 15&Over girls and boys)
Top 6 finishes: Doh Young Jeong: 100 Breaststroke (6th), 100 Freestyle (6th), Pia 100 Fly (4th)
Podium: Doh Young – 50 Freestyle (Silver)

On 22 March, the Discovery College Swim Team set out for their fourth ACAMIS, hosted by Dulwich College in Suzhou. The swimmers were very tired on the first day arriving after a change in flight time and a big traffic jam, however, every swimmer showed a sense of excitement. Unlike the previous year, there was a new hotel which was allocated in a very empty part of Suzhou with no shops or restaurants nearby but we all had a smashing time. When arriving at the school gym, the atmosphere was very familiar and welcoming.

Nearly all of the swimmers broke their personal best times and some even placed in the finals for their races.  The DC swimmers made connections with other school’s swimmers forming friendships which is always pleasant to see in ACAMIS. My personal highlight was to be able to run the stretches and dry-land warm ups for our senior team and also naming it “Doh’s Dojo”. Also, I was placed 2nd in my 50m freestyle with a time of 27.11 which I am proud of. Besides the swimming highlights, our team’s other important highlight was to enjoy the delicious Xiao Long Bao at the airport in Shanghai after missing out on a proper dinner on the first day.

Junior Swim Team – Report prepared by Mia Senturk
6 Athletes – 26 Personal Swims and 24 Personal Best Times
Top 6 Finishes: Marcel Hofstede: 50 Freestyle (5th), 50 Fly (5th), 200 Individual Medley (6th), 100 Freestyle (5th)
Mia Senterk: 50 Freestyle (5th)
Taka Leong: 100 Breaststroke (4th)
Podium: Mia Senterk: 400 Freestyle (Silver), 100 Breaststroke (Bronze), Taka Leong: 100 Backstroke (Bronze)

Our Junior swim team also participated in the ACAMIS Swimming competition, in which many people broke their PB’s (personal best). The experience at ACAMIS was very good because swimming with many other fast swimmers around the world motivates you to work harder and to set higher goals and working towards goals. It also gave a lot of the team an opportunity to see how other schools were training across Asia. I think for this trip the environment was very supportive, I think one of the great things was on the last day when the seniors came to support the juniors, I feel it was a great team bonding experience. On the second day, I also think that it was great, that the coaches told us to put away our devices for a certain amount of time, that helped us to get to know each other even more. But even on the first day we were doing well supporting all of the junior alone, we still cheered for each other and had a great time doing it. That extra support and knowing that people were cheering your name helped me and i think all of us break PBs and get into finals. Overall I think this was an AMAZING experience for the team and I hope next year we will be able to do this again.