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DC Winners of the 4th International Chinese Talent Show

Posted: June 1, 2018

19 students from Primary recently participated in the 4th International Chinese Talent Show in Hong Kong last month. It was the first year for DC to participate in this event with other students from international schools across Hong Kong and China. Our students demonstrated their Chinese ability through various items they competed in, such as singing, chanting, reading Pinyin, calligraphy, Chinese typing, etc. All of their efforts are highly appreciated and DC was very proud of all their achievements. Some of the special award winners include:

  • Y5 Claudia Kwok – won the champion of the Hard Pen Calligraphy
  • Y6 Lily Sun – won the 1st Runner-up of Key in Chinese Characters
  • Y3 Lynn Zhang – won the 2nd Runner-up of Reading Out Pinyin
  • Y2 Arnav Bhave – won the 2nd Runner-up of Poem Chanting

Our Chinese teacher, Ms Vivian Wang was also awarded the excellent teacher award from this event. Congratulations to everyone who took part.