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Children’s Friendships – Complicated, Changeable and Challenging

Posted: February 15, 2019

On Thursday 14 February, over 70 parents across Primary participated in a 90 minute workshop focused on children’s friendships. The high level of engagement, discussion and enthusiasm was evidence that is a topic of importance to parents.

The workshop focused on:

  1. Understanding the characteristics and importance of children’s friendships
  2. Identifying the three competing needs at the core of children’s conflict
  3. Learning 10 key strategies to best support children’s friendships while keeping our sanity

Every parent wants their child to have good friends. Research shows children’s ability to form friendships and to sustain friendships is crucial to  their wellbeing and achievement into adulthood (Hartup, 1992). We would like to thank all the parents who were able to join us on Thursday. As a Visible Wellbeing school it is important to us that we support children in ways that foster holistic development and wellbeing in partnership with parents. If you would like to access the slides from the workshop, please click HERE.