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Social Media update: Momo Challenge

Posted: March 1, 2019

You may have recently heard of the ‘Momo Challenge’ that have sparked some concerns around the world. As disturbing as it sounds, the important point here is that the ‘challenge’ is being fully investigated by the Police Service of Northern Ireland as this is apparently the epicentre of the story.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is very little to worry about in terms of your child being physically threatened. There has been quite a deal of hysteria about the ‘Momo Challenge’ but much of this is quite simply, hysteria. This recent Guardian story puts it in perspective.
“The NSPCC (A leading child protection children’s charity group) said there is no confirmed evidence that the phenomenon is actually posing a threat to British children and said they have received more phone calls about it from members of the media than concerned parents.”

If your child does come across the image, please assure (or perhaps forewarn) them that this is simply a hoax and no need to pay attention to any part of it. Encourage your child to notify you if they do come across it. At that point you could demonstrate calmly that this is simply not a threat to them.