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Y12 DP Theatre Presents: Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

Posted: October 8, 2021

After only eight rehearsals in four weeks, the Year 12 DP Theatre class performed Alan Ayckbourn’s play, Confusions in Theatre Studio 2 on 6 & 7 October.

‘Confusions’ satirises the eccentricity of human behaviour and loneliness through relatable caricatured characters in five interlinked one-act plays. The students performed four out of the original five; Mother Figure, Drinking Companion, Between Mouthfuls and A Talk in the Park.

Performing Mother Figure:

Lucy            Aishwii Rafjaya
Rosemary  Theodora Mok
Terry           Matt Ho

In Drinking Companion:

Harry            Steven Dino
Paula             Tiara Soni
Bernice         Ela Ozgur
Waiter 1        Robin Illy

Presenting Between Mouthfuls:

Waiter 2      Josh Robbins
Pearce         Ben Bannon
Mrs Pearce Alyssa Godinho
Martin         Zac Peter
Polly            Charlotte Wood

And A Talk in the Park:

Arthur    Robin Illy
Beryl       Ela Ozgur
Charles   Josh Robbins
Doreen    Theodora Mok
Ernest     Matt Ho

A big congratulations to the cast, and a massive thank you to the many staff involved in making this production possible:

The Finance Team
The Communications Team
The Facilities Team
The Cleaners Team
The Security Team
And the College Leadership Team

Finally, a big, warm thank you to the staff, students, friends and family who were able to come see the show and support our Year 12s.