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DC Year 10 Ambassadors & Student Council Meet with Lantau Police

Posted: November 12, 2021

On Monday, Year 10 Smbassadors and Student Council representatives met with Deputy District Commander of Lantau, Simon Southgate, to discuss problems teenagers may face when it comes to drugs and relationships, and what to do when we face these issues, including how to potentially report them to the police. Dist. Commander Southgate specifically tackles problems that could be present within our age group. George Heggie says, “From this experience I personally gained a deeper knowledge of the law enforcement system within Hong Kong. Many of my peers also enjoyed this conversation and now we as a year group have a significantly deeper understanding of right and wrong in HK.”

As some advice to parents and students from the police, it is advised that you report any illegal activity to the police as fast as you can, as the sooner you report the better chance the police will have to resolve it.

Jane Tang, George Heggie
Year 10 Student Council representatives