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Primary Update

Posted: September 2, 2022

Dear parents and carers 

Each week in the Explorer we aim to focus on an area of the primary school such as a specific year group or a curriculum area. We do this to help you gain further insight into Primary life at Discovery College. 

This week we have a spotlight on Year 1. As our newest members of our school, we wanted to shine a light on how well they are settling into school. Year 1 at Discovery College is filled with laughter, fun and memorable learning experiences. 

Starting a new school can be daunting and we are so proud of how well each child is doing. Their smiles as they enter the school, to hearing their questions as they build confidence inside the classroom. Watching them grow academically and personally is something I am going to cherish. 

Over the course of the year they will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills: academically, socially and emotionally. One of the key areas in Year One is about enhancing independence and garnishing curiosity. With our play-based environment and dedicated Year 1 team, we are able to effectively progress these aspects of a child’s learning and prepare them for the years ahead. We are here to support this development in order to help them to flourish and thrive. Each child is different and they will develop at different rates but with a little bit of encouragement, care and attention, they will all have an incredibly fulfilling and positive year. 

A note from their teachers:

‘It has been wonderful to see Year 1 students use their bravery and curiosity to explore their new learning environments at school both inside and outside the classroom. They have shown incredible independence in learning new routines, finding their way around school and have been eager to meet all their new teachers.

We look forward to seeing our youngest learners continue to grow, discover and dream over their time at Discovery College.’

We hope you have a fantastic weekend with all of your children.

Mrs Cathrae 
Head of Primary