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Years 7-12 Three-Way Conferences

Posted: September 15, 2023

Three-way conferences will take place on Monday 16 October (1.30-6.30pm) and Thursday 19 October (1.30-6.30pm) 2023. These are five-minute interviews with teachers, where you and your child are present and participating. The conferences will be conducted over Zoom.

The conversation during the appointments will focus on:

  • Where am I going? Feedback that clarifies the learning intentions and success criteria that are being used in lessons.
  • How am I going? Feedback that ensures the student knows how they are progressing in relation to the learning intention. This should include explicit reference to current assessment/attainment grades in relation to expected outcomes.
  • Where to next? Suggesting the steps needed to address the gap between their learning and the intended outcome. This could also be ‘Even Better If…’ ideas if the students are meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Questionsan opportunity for parents/students to ask further questions and address any concerns.

Lessons will finish at 12.20pm on the days of the conferences. The schedule will be as follows:

There will be no Discovery Time on these days.

The booking system will open on Friday 29 September at 9am and close on Thursday 12 October at 11.59pm. Please click on this link to see how to do this.

We are sure you will enjoy this opportunity to gain further insights to your child’s progress, and thank you in advance for your engagement with these conversations.

Annette Garnett