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MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Week January 22-26

Posted: January 19, 2024

We would like to express our gratitude to those parents who attended the recent MYP Parent Workshop focusing on interdisciplinary learning on Wednesday, 17 January. We appreciate your active involvement in your child’s learning.

During the workshop, we explored the significance and nature of interdisciplinary learning through an engaging design challenge. It was wonderful to see parents sharing their experiences and deepening their understanding of MYP interdisciplinary learning.

It’s important to highlight that interdisciplinary learning is a core component of the MYP and is not optional.Every student in the MYP is required to participate in interdisciplinary learning at least once each year. This approach aims to foster holistic development and critical thinking skills in our students.

In interdisciplinary projects, students will be assessed against three criteria: evaluating, synthesizing, and reflecting. Grades will be determined by their supervisors after the standardization process, and MYP interdisciplinary reports will be published with semester report cards.

We encourage parents to further support their child’s interdisciplinary learning by engaging in discussions about interdisciplinary topics at home during Interdisciplinary Learning Week, January 22–26. Your involvement can greatly enhance the learning experience and reinforce the value of interdisciplinary education for your child.

As a final point, please take note of the following:

  • Students are required to wear their school uniforms unless they have Physical and Health Education (PHE) integrated lessons. (Year 8 and Year 9)

  • We will maintain regular school hours and days, as well as taking attendance on a daily basis.

  • Any Y11 students going off campus can wear plain clothes for their trip day, but their school uniform must be worn on all other days.
  • Year 11 students can look forward to exciting field trips, including:

    • Sam Tung Uk Museum trip for Chinese Phase 3B and Chinese Phase 4B classes

    • Explore Discovery Bay trip for Chinese Phase 2, Phase 3B, Phase 3C, and Chinese A classes

    • Kam Tin, Yuen Long Village trip for Chinese Phase 2, Phase 3C, and Chinese A classes

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in your child’s education.